Restoration at Phleger Estate

For the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Campbell Grading, Inc., and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, in conjunction with the National Park Service, restored a section of forest habitat at the Phleger Estate in San Mateo County.

This project was part of a Natural Resource Damage Assessment settlement following the unauthorized felling of trees on Golden Gate National Recreation Area lands by the Bella Vista Restaurant in 1999.

The restoration area had been impacted by a variety of human activities that had accelerated erosion and degraded habitat.

Timber harvest operations had cleared the original redwood forest in the 1850s. More recent equestrian and hiking usage had resulted in the formation of undesignated trails that ascended and traversed the hill in a chaotic pattern. In addition, several large erosion gullies had formed in association with a historic skid road and the trails.

Campbell Grading, Inc., removed undesignated trails, stabilized gullies, and prepared all disturbed areas for eventual revegetation.

We decommissioned approximately 2,000 linear feet of social trails using trail equipment (including performing required scarification and decompaction) and 160 linear feet using hand tools. We placed approximately 500 linear feet of woody debris from the vegetation removal phase for use as erosion and pedestrian controls.