Protecting our land for generations to come

At Campbell Grading, Inc., we are privileged to work in some of the most beautiful and sensitive areas in California. Our projects are orchestrated anywhere from backcountry settings to heavily trafficked urban areas. Our focus on all projects, from habitat restoration to trail design and construction, is on protecting the essence of these treasured spaces and ensuring their continued use by generations to come.

Campbell Grading, Inc., has a 30-year history of trail construction and habitat restoration projects throughout the greater Bay Area.  Barth Campbell started Campbell Grading, Inc., with the intent of providing clients with sound engineering, sustainable projects, and high-quality service.  Over the decades, this commitment to quality has fused with Barth’s deep and abiding respect for nature and the environment. Now we contract almost exclusively with public and nonprofit organizations to improve and protect the environment and the public’s access to it.


When Campbell Grading, Inc. employees were asked what it is they enjoy about their job, all employees voiced that they enjoy the small size of the company. This allows the employees to work closely with Barth Campbell as well as enjoy the company of their fellow coworkers. In addition, our employees enjoy the locations that they get the opportunity to work in and partaking in the transformation of these sites from start to finish.


  1. Barth Campbell

    Owner of Campbell Grading, Inc.

  2. Kevin Soiland

    Journeyman Equipment Operator, Superintendent, Project Manager

  3. Shad Mossberg

    Journeyman Operator and Crew Leader

  4. Miguel Salinas

    Journeyman Carpenter

  5. Javier Perez

    General Laborer

  6. Ricardo Espinoza

    Journeyman Equipment Operator, General Laborer