Batteries to Bluffs Trail

For the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Campbell Grading, Inc., was hired to design and construct a pedestrian trail called the Batteries to Bluffs Trail in San Francisco.

The trail begins at Battery Crosby South and continues northeast along the coastal bluffs to the parking area near Battery West. The trail includes a spur trail built into the rocks leading down to Marshall’s Beach.  The design objective was to create a sustainable trail that gives hikers more of a wild Pacific Coast experience than do nearby trails, which run parallel to roads or are open to multiple uses. Campbell Grading, Inc., accomplished this by creating a meandering trail through the natural landscape, which left only minimal impacts on the land.

As part of the trail construction, we built several hundred stringer steps, box steps, drain lenses, wet water crossings, two bridges, and an anchored stairway to Marshall’s Beach.  In addition, we decommissioned hundreds of feet of social trails and rehabilitated many sections of eroded gullies.

The Batteries to Bluffs Trail was a recipient of a San Francisco Beautiful Award and was also named in an international publication as one of the top 10 urban hikes.