Pilarcitos Creek Watershed Restoration

For the San Mateo County Resource Conservation District

On this watershed restoration project, Campbell Grading, Inc., re-engineered approximately 4 miles of roads, outsloped the roadbed, graded rolling dips, and installed new in-channel culverts on the original drainage grades. The in-channel culverts replaced “shotgun,” or elevated, culverts that were shooting water out above the downstream water surface, causing erosion.

The project also included stream restoration work to stabilize two sections of Pilarcitos Creek. First, we had to  dewater the high-flowing channel. To do this, we built a cofferdam and used two 8-inch diesel pumps to divert the streamflow around the work zone.

We imported and placed 180 tons of 2-foot to 3-foot riprap to stabilize and protect the streambank. We constructed woven willow wattles and willow fascines and placed willow stakes in the channel embankment to stabilize the slope.