Hydrological Restoration at Muir Beach Emergency Access Road

For the National Park Service and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Campbell Grading, Inc., undertook this project at Muir Beach to restore the ecosystem and improve the visitor experience. This work was a piece of a more extensive undertaking on the Redwood Creek watershed with the National Park Service and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

Much of our work was sedimentation reduction. This included decommissioning the existing road, rerouting the road to the eastern ridge, replacing undersized shotgun culverts, constructing a 40-foot wet water crossing on the maintenance road using 5-ton boulders, constructing several hundred feet of drain lenses under the maintenance road, outsloping the emergency access road and paving it with Park Tread®  surfacing, and constructing an alluvial fan.

We enhanced the user experience by routing people along the coastal path, which takes in the vistas of the Redwood Creek watershed. The trail’s grades were reduced from 17 percent to 10–12 percent. This made the trail more accessible and sustainable and also reduced the large amounts of sediment flowing into Redwood Creek, which supports the endangered Coho salmon.