Presidio Coastal Trail (Completed Spring 2012)


Park Tread™ Surfacing

Park Tread surfacing is beginning to be installed on the Presidio Coastal Trail.

Pacific Overlook Piers

The piers have been drilled,

the cages have been set,

the concrete has been poured,

and the framing of the wall is underway out at the Pacific Overlook.

Pacific Overlook Demolition

Demolition has begun on the Pacific Overlook. This project is sandwiched in at the southern end of the Golden Gate Overlook & Presidio Coastal Trail.

Overlook Walls and Stairs

The Battered Walls and Stairs of the Golden Gate Overlook have been poured and stripped of their forms. (This work was done by our sub-contractor, Golden Bay Construction)

New Trail

We have moved to carving out the section of trail that parallels Lincoln Blvd. This is a beautiful stretch that meanders through the forest and past a wetland.

A Beautiful Place to Work

Soon the public will be able to enjoy these views as well.

The Golden Gate Overlook is taking form through Golden Bay Construction

Liz, our project manager, inspecting the formwork.

The overlook forms receiving concrete.

Adding the donor lettering to the center of the overlook.

Extension Trail

An extension trail was added to our Presidio Coastal Trail & Golden Gate Overlook project, in order to make a smooth transition from the new work, created by Campbell Grading, Inc., to the existing trail that parallels Lincoln Blvd and the ocean. The trail also addresses the erosion problem caused from the street run-off.

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