Presidio Coastal Trail (Completed Spring 2012)

Presidio Coastal Trail

Park Tread™ Surfacing at the Bay Area Ridge Trail

Park Tread™ surfacing is being used on this section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, giving the trail a natural look.

The Presidio Coastal Trail and Golden Gate Overlook are complete!

The H-beam Wall Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

The Historic Triangle

The trail from Langdon ct to the Historic Triangle and Pacific Overlook

Ribbon Cutting for the Golden Gate Overlook

The Golden Gate Overlook is officially open!!!


Wrapping Up the Presidio Coastal Trail and The Pacific Overlook

The Pacific Overlook is receiving its finishing touches. The concrete walls have been sandblasted and the trail has been paved with Park Tread™ surfacing.

The hand railings and Park Tread were installed on the H-beam walls.

Historical Features

The surrounding Batteries give inspiration to the project.

Finishing Touches

The National Parks Conservancy Vegetation Crew is hard at work placing plants for the Golden Gate Overlook's May 10th Ribbon Cutting.

Park Tread™ Surfacing

Park Tread surfacing is beginning to be installed on the Presidio Coastal Trail.

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