Presidio Coastal Trail (Completed Spring 2012)

News & Updates

Park Tread™ Surfacing on the El Polin Connector Trail

Park Tread™ surfacing is being installed on the El Polin Connector Trail.


Sutter Wall

The crew has been busy installing sutter wall at El Polin Connector Trail.

High Efficiency Trail Assessment Process (HETAP)

Campbell Grading, Inc. has begun using the High Efficiency Trail Assessment Process. This process produces a large amount of data about a trail in a format that is easy to understand and manipulated. Learn more about the HETAP under the Services section of the Campbell Grading, Inc. website.

Phleger Estate Restoration Complete

Draineage has been corrected and trails have been decommissioned at Phleger Estate

Restoration of Phleger Estate

Campbell Grading, Inc. has moved onto the next project, restoration at Phleger Estate. This project aims to restore the forest habitat within the project area by removal of non-designated trails, stabilization of gullies, and preparation of all disturbed areas for eventual re-vegetation.

Tree Protection

Campbell Grading does not take tree protection lightly. Many trees on this section of trail are wrapped in wattles in order protect their trunks. Days of  digging by hand must be done in order to guarantee that the trees along the trail are not compromised.

Park Tread™ Surfacing at the Bay Area Ridge Trail

Park Tread™ surfacing is being used on this section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, giving the trail a natural look.

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