Presidio Coastal Trail (Completed Spring 2012)

Coastal Trail Re-route + Channel Deisgn

The new Coastal Trail re-route will open this weekend!

The above image shows the Coastal Trail re-route, the installed culvert, and how the newly constructed step pools will align with the channel design to be built on the lower portion of the site (the other side of the culvert) in the next two weeks.

Campbell Grading, Inc designed and constructed to re-route with two main design principles in mind:

  1. Ecological restoration by eliminating sediment run-off previously happening on the trail, reducing the number of culverts (from two to one), increasing the size of culvert (from 18" to 36"), and improving the overall water circulation of the tributary to the Redwood Creek watershed through drain lenses, stone step pools, and an appropriately located outsloped trail.
  2. Improve the user experience by designing the trail to take in vistas of the Redwood Creek watershed, preserving a historic water trough adjacent to the trail, and significantly reducing the trail's grade (from 17% to 10-12% grade).

The drain lenses along the Coastal Trail re-route allow uphill spring and surface flow to drain through the large rock base placed between stabilization fabric. This design technique allows for water to flow in a natural and undisturbed manner under the trail.