Presidio Coastal Trail (Completed Spring 2012)

Muir Beach Step Pools Completed

Campbell Grading, Inc. has completed the construction of eight step pools that were built to stabilize a large erosion gully up-stream from the Redwood Creek alluvial fan. Approximately 350 tons of rock in a variety of sizes (1/2 ton, 1/4 ton, head-size, and 3-9" rock) was used to construct the step pools.

ABOVE PHOTOS: Erosion gully before and after step pool construction


The step pools are designed to stabilize the slope around the gully that has been accepting storm water flow and sediment erosion from approximately 1.4 miles of the coastal trail/coastal fire road above. Campbell's work will also de-water the 1.4 miles of coastal trail by installing 25 rolling dips in September.