Presidio Coastal Trail (Completed Spring 2012)

New Muir Beach Project Featured on Wetland Podcast

Campbell Grading, Inc has begun a new project out at Muir Beach. It is a piece of the larger work on the Redwood Creek Watershed with the National Park Service and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

Campbell Grading, Inc work includes:

  1. Constructing and improving the emergency access road through the site
  2. Constructing a new section of the coastal trail
  3. Decommissioning a steep and highly erosive section of the coastal trail
  4. Constructing a new water channel through the upper alluvial fan to replace the highly erosive gully (see image above) that is currently dumping sediment into the lower wetlands and Redwood Creek.

Find out more about the project from the Bay Area organization, Your Wetlands, podcast interview with Barth Campbell. It is an 8-minute discussion about Campbell Grading, Inc's process for the project at Muir Beach.

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