Presidio Coastal Trail (Completed Spring 2012)

El Polìn's Historic Cobblestone Swale Restoration

The historic restoration of the cobblestone swale at El Pol

ìn Springs has begun. It is a swale that was constructed in 1940's by WPA to represent the significance of El Pol

ìn Springs. A non-functioning well was also constructed at the intersection of the two cobblestone swales, located in the center of the si.

Previously overgrown with vegetation, we are excited to see the cobblestone swale again become a central feature for El Pol

ìn Springs. The historic restoration of the swale will reuse the existing cobblestone and be supplemented minimally with matching cobbles from another location. The width, depth, and construction techniques of the swale are replicated. The photos show Arturo, Javier, and Miguel working on the cobblestone swale reconstruction.