Presidio Coastal Trail (Completed Spring 2012)

Two Types of Boardwalks Being Constructed on the Presidio's Mt. Lake Trail

There are two types of boardwalks being constructed on the Presidio's Mt. Lake Trail; a boardwalk on piers and a boardwalk on sleepers. The above image shows the completed redwood boardwalk on piers with wheel stops. This section of boardwalk was built adjacent to large cypress trees, which meant that we constructed hand-dug piers in order to reduce soil compaction and other negative impacts on the tree's roots during construction and from future uses.

The boardwalk on sleepers (shown in image above) is placed on pieces of timbers buried flush in the sand to prevent shifting. This type of boardwalk will protect the sensitive sand dune plant habitat by preventing trail users from meandering off the designated trail and lowering the impact on surface and sub-surface storm water flow. Wheel stops will also be constructed on this section of boardwalk.